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We work to improve the economic well-being of agriculture and enrich the quality of farm family life.


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Illinois 农业局… 

为农民而战. We represent three out of every four farmers in Illinois. Whether you have 10 acres or 10,000, we are here to serve you. For more than 100 years, we have stood by 我们的使命 to improve the future of agriculture.

回馈. From scholarships to resources for teachers or donating nearly 1 million meals to local food banks, we take pride in caring for our communities.

在山上工作. Capitol Hill, that is. We’re a grassroots organization. Our members work with local, state and federal legislatures to help protect farmers and develop better ways to farm.

Keeps you in the know. From apps to workshops, we’re known for our factual information that helps farmers work smarter and consumers stay informed.

为你省钱. You’ll find more than 302,000 discounts on agriculture, 健康, travel and automotive programs on the Illinois 农业局 Member Benefit App. You can’t afford not to be an Illinois 农业局 Member.


Take pride in a 400,000-member strong organization to support Illinois agriculture. Agriculture is more than farming – it’s the food on our plate, fuel in your car and the clothes on your back.

Illinois 农业局 is a voluntary membership organization of citizens from all walks of life. Your membership supports the work of the 农业局 in your county and at the state and national levels.

加入 us in supporting farmers, a safe food system and a strong business environment in Illinois.

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